ez robot -revolution: why is the best option for schools STEM programs?

EZ-Robot offers an easy, innovative and powerful platform to build your dream robots. The EZ-B is a robot controller that connects to your computer or mobile device over Wi-Fi. Use the included EZ-Builder Software or EZ-SDK on your computer and control the output of the EZ-B Robot Controller. Add a range of peripherals to your EZ-Robot Project; including Cameras, Joysticks, Distance Sensors, LEDs, Servos, Digital Displays, Motor Controllers, iRobot Roomba, and more. Watch Tutorial Videos to see what EZ-Robot can do!

Here the reasons for teachers:

1. No programming experience needed: Our EZ-Builder Robot Control Software provides a visual design interface to control your robot creations. Simply connect sensors, servos, LEDs, LCDs, displays and buttons to the EZ-B Board. Now control your custom robot from the PC!

2. Easily customized for all different topics in science, technology, math, art and social. EZ-robot makes any topics engaging and inspirational. 

3. A lot of features and possibilities that keep the interest in learning to all students. Students never got bored and always are looking for new challenges.

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The popular programs of RoboStem Academy include the STEM curriculum of Lego Education, Ez-robot, and Carnegie Mellon, as well as the kits and software of Lego Robotics, EZ-robots, KIBO Robot, Bee-Bot, Elenco Circuits, Makeblock, Kodable, TechRocket and Microsoft among others. All of these programs are geared towards improving the child's abilities, not just for academics, but also for real-life application as well. RoboStem Academy's instructors believe that kids will learn better through hands-on projects with constant interaction and different approaches. Students at RoboStem Academy are also trained to participate in various robotics competitions all over Canada. 
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